Best saws at the moment

When it comes to doing simple woodworking jobs at home, having a circular saw gives you a tremendous amount of versatility. It’s more mobile than a table saw, yet it delivers plenty of power.

And while there’s nothing wrong with sawing one or two 2x4s by hand, if you have 100 to cut, you’ll be at it all day with a hand saw. On the plus side, your arm will look very buff.

Our favorite circular saw is the Makita 5007MGA. It delivers the best mix of precision and power among circular saws. It has an excellent electric brake, which will keep you safe while working. It delivers 5,800 revolutions per minute for plenty of cutting power.

Expert reviewers mostly have good things to say about the Makita saw. Pro Tool Reviews and Top Ten Reviews give the Makita 5007MGA the highest marks among circular saws, saying it’s light enough to take wherever you need to use it. And it can create deep cuts quickly, allowing you to successfully complete almost any job you need to do. Cut the Wood’s reviewer liked being able to make beveled angle cuts with the saw.

Buyers love the saw, too. The Makita saw’s cutting quality is impressive, according to Amazon reviewer Garrett, who says his father, who has been a professional carpenter for 40 years, also loves the quality of this circular saw.

A few buyers on Amazon say the saw blade may not run straight if you inadvertently place horizontal pressure on the blade while using it, as the blade has a bit of flexibility.

Best saws


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